Lovermore Msikita with his brother Ramsey Msikita who was burned by his former collegue while he was in his gaurd room after they ague about the money he was owed by the suspect in Hidleburg.649 Picture: Matthews Baloyi 2014/05/13

Johannesburg - A Heidelberg security guard was stabbed in the head and sustained burns after a petrol bomb was thrown at him in the early hours on Tuesday.

Ramsey Msikita was rushed to a nearby hospital shortly after the incident, which took place at about 4am.

He was discharged late on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect is known to Msikita as they had been work colleagues until last Friday.

The alleged attacker was dismissed from work for allegedly stealing money from the company, Menlo Petroleum Diesel Depot.

Heidelberg police are now looking for the suspect.

Spokeswoman Lieutenant-Colonel Katlego Mogale said police were investigating cases of attempted murder and malicious damage to property.

She said an altercation had occurred between the two just before the incident.

“The victim had (lent) his attacker R100 and the suspect agreed to return it. But instead of paying him back as agreed, he threatened him.

“The previous night he gave back the money, and then threatened that he would get him.

“(In the) early hours of today (Tuesday), he went to the victim’s workplace and burnt the Wendy house while the victim was inside.

“When the victim ran out of the guard room, he was attacked and stabbed with a knife by the suspect,” said Mogale.

The Wendy house which the guard used as his workstation had blood splatters and burnt items inside. A knife the police believed was used in the attack was found at the scene.

The Star understands that Msikita, who is a Malawian, works for Professional Defence Security.

Speaking from his backyard room, not far from the scene, Msikita said the man had told him he was feeling cold when he arrived at his workplace.

“He told me he was waiting for people to come and fetch him. I offered him coffee after he requested one,” said Msikita.

Msikita said an argument over money then broke out.

“He started to punch me. I then felt something hot and burning on my body.

“I thought it was hot water, but it was actually a petrol bomb. I then felt something on my head.

“That’s when I realised that he was angry at me. But I could not understand (why).”

Admitting he had known his attacker for a while, Msikita said: “He seemed to be a nice person.”

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