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The Hawks are investigating the petrol bombing of a senior State prosecutor’s home in Cape Town, spokesman Paul Ramaloko confirmed on Sunday.

The home was attacked on the night of February 27.

Neither the name of the prosecutor nor the area where she lived has been disclosed.

Ramaloko said two bombs were detonated in front of the house.

Ramaloko said that officers were “not necessarily” investigating whether the incident was meant to have intimidated the prosecutor.

No arrests had been made.

“If there are individuals identified by the investigators they will be approached… We are approaching the investigation with an open mind,” Ramaloko said.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said the investigation was aimed at identifying those responsible for the bombings.

“Unfortunately we cannot confirm who is involved in the petrol bombings,” he said

A Sunday newspaper reported that the prosecutor had, according to a sworn statement she made to the Hawks, been looking into drugs being supplied to boys at a Northern suburbs high school.

Ramaloko declined to comment on this.

On Sunday, the headmaster of the school said he was “not at liberty to discuss the situation”.

A message, in reaction to the Sunday newspaper’s article, was posted on Facebook on a page listed as the school’s official site.

“The activities of organised crime groups that target young people in our communities is a source of concern for schools across South Africa,” it said.

The message said the school had an awareness and support programme for pupils that involved the police and the education department. It said that together with the organisation Rape Wise, the school had developed a manual for parents which looked into the dangers that social media and the internet could pose. The topics that were specifically addressed included child trafficking, alcohol, drug abuse and pornography.

On Sunday, police did not provide comment at the time of going to press.

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