A Thornton man whose wife was raped on Friday night has questioned why he was not able to view the city’s CCTV footage.

The man, whose name is being withheld to protect his wife’s identity, said he was out of the house with his children when the attack took place.

He tried calling 10111 when he found out his wife was in trouble, but they were “unhelpful” and hung up on him. A friend summoned the police.

But when he and the investigating officer tried on Saturday to see if they could spot her attacker on the city’s CCTV footage, Metro police in Goodwood turned him away.

He believed the attacker was on foot and would have been picked up on camera.

“This guy raped my wife and now he might get away.”

Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed a case of rape had been opened.

“The victim was in her house when she heard dogs barking. She saw the suspect who said he was sent by her husband to come for a meal. She let him in.”

Van Wyk said the man finished eating, tried to kiss the woman, then raped her.

No arrests had been made. Van Wyk said CCTV footage was usually only available to the investigating officer, as it would later need to be presented in court.

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