Ipid boss Robert McBride File picture: Nathi 
Strand - The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) has launched an investigation after a video went viral depicting two police officers allegedly manhandling a man in Strand.

On Friday morning a video was posted on Facebook in which a man believed to be named Daylin, is seen to be manhandled and wounded in the leg by a member of the SAPS. The video has since been removed from the social media site.

IPID became aware of the incident on Saturday.

“The matter has been reported to Ipid with a different version of events,” said national Ipid spokesperson, Moses Dlamini.

“We will be taking over the investigation to determine if the police report is true.”

The four-and-a-half minute video depicts two police officers trying to arrest the man while a large crowd gathers in the background.

There are cries of “he didn’t do anything” and “leave the man” as a growing mass of people urge others to take out their cellphones and record the incident.

There are a few people who break away from the crowd and try to hold back the man from being manoeuvred towards the SAPS vehicle.

It is unclear from the video whether law enforcement officers discharged any firearms.

There is a gunshot sound and when the picture returns to clarity the man takes a tumble and holds his leg.

One of the officers goes over towards the man and calls his colleague to assist.

The comments that can be heard from the crowd include: “They’re shooting this man unnecessarily here” and, “leave the man (alone)”.

After the man fell to the ground, the crowd are seen to push back against an increased police presence and shield the man.

The crowd becomes highly vocal and insult the officers.

Western Cape SAPS spokesperson Lieutenant Andre Traut declined to comment and referred the matter to Ipid.

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