Johannesburg - The Labour Court is expected to hand down judgment on Tuesday in an unfair labour practice case against the police, trade union Solidarity said.

The court heard the case, which was brought by Solidarity on behalf of its member Colonel Kobus Roos, in February.

The court would decide what compensation Roos was entitled to.

“The parties addressed the court on this point and Solidarity's legal team argued that the professional prejudice, victimisation and damage to Roos' reputation should compel the court to grant him maximum compensation,” Solidarity said in a statement on Monday.

It said the SA Police Service conceded before the court that it had acted unfairly against Roos and that he was entitled to be placed in a position similar to the one he had occupied.

Solidarity said Roos was transferred to another position by former crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli after Roos uncovered corruption in the unit.

“Roos had previously acted as head of internal audit and, among other things, had been responsible for audits of the so-called account for secret services.”

According to the union, Mdluli had appointed Roos to investigate the account.

Roos uncovered “wide-ranging” corruption in the unit, and had disclosed allegations and proof of corruption in a protected disclosure.

Mdluli then stopped the investigation and subsequently transferred Roos to the inspectorate and evaluation division of the unit, which the union said was redundant.

Solidarity wanted Roos reinstated to his previous position at the internal audit division, arguing that he had virtually no work to do in his current post and was subject to unbearable working conditions. - Sapa