Professor Cyril Karabus, who has been detained in Abu Dhabi. Photo: Supplied

Cape Town - Professor Cyril Karabus is still in the dark over his fate in Abu Dhabi.

The attorney-general was supposed to report to the judge on Sunday whether his office had located the missing original medical records required to prosecute Karabus. Based on this, the judge was supposed to make a decision on whether Karabus’s charges would be dismissed. But the attorney-general did not show up at court.

Cape Town lawyer Michael Bagraim said Karabus’s lawyers in Abu Dhabi had waited to be called into court yesterday morning, but there had been no word from the attorney-general.

“We heard absolutely nothing… – no one said a word to the lawyers. They will be going back to court again this morning,” he said.

A UCT professor emeritus, Karabus, 77, who has a pacemaker, has been detained in Abu Dhabi since August 18 on charges of manslaughter and falsifying documents.

The charges relate to the death of Sarah Adel Abdulla, 3, whom he treated for acute myeloid leukaemia in 2000 while working as a locum in Abu Dhabi.

Karabus was tried and found guilty in absentia.

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