Johannesburg - The sentencing of Johannes Kleinhans - for a string of sex crimes against girls - is expected to resume in the Parow Regional Court on Thursday.

The 74-year-old director of companies has been convicted on 95 charges, including assault and possession of child pornography.

Sentencing was postponed last year because his lawyer, Johannes Grobbelaar, needed to study the State's psychiatric report and discuss it with his client. The defence would also seek a second opinion.

Prior to his arrest, Kleinhans had befriended the parents of three pubescent girls, and showered the families with gifts and money over a protracted period to gain their confidence.

The magistrate asked State prosecutor Herculine Swart and Grobbelaar to complete their sentencing testimony on Thursday, so the court could use the following day to focus entirely on the sentence to be imposed. - Sapa