Cape Town-111011-An 11-year-old girl was shot in the leg on Saturday, during cross-fire in Epsten road,Lavender Hill.Photo Melinda Stuurman Reporter Natasha Bezuidenhout

An 11-year-old girl who was skipping outside her home in Epson Street, Lavender Hill, has become the latest victim of the sporadic gang shootings in the area.

The Grade 6 pupil, who did not wish to be named, said on Tuesday that she and her friends were playing with a skipping rope on Saturday, when she was shot in both legs.

“I heard three or four shots,” she said.

After she felt something in her knee, she went into her neighbour’s yard, where she collapsed.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Hermanus van Dyk said police on patrol heard the gunshots at 6.35pm, and immediately investigated.

“On Saturday night, while patrolling within the Lavender Hill area, gunshots were observed by Steenberg SAPS members. An 11-year-old girl was found to be shot in both her legs, due to stray bullets,” Van Dyk said.

A man was subsequently arrested on a charge of attempted murder.

Van Dyk said the arrested man was a member of the Junky Funky Kids gang.

The 11-year-old has not been at school this week, but is expected to return some time next week.

Her 32-year-old mother, who said she feared retribution if she was named, said innocent children were getting hurt.

“I really fear for our lives. I fear for my children. This has to stop.”

She was at work when she received the call that her eldest daughter had been shot.

“A bullet grazed her left leg and another bullet was lodged in her right knee. The doctor said her knee is fractured and that the injury may cause problems for her in future.”

She said that the bullets could, at any time, fly through the windows or wood of the bungalow in which they lived.

“This yard is small and the children should feel safe to play outside. But they can’t do that any more. I can’t keep her indoors all the time. They need to enjoy their lives, but not in Lavender Hill with gang fights.

“The shooting happens in an instant and you never think that it’s going to be your child.”

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