july 2012 facebook picture of sean terry, SA yachtsman missing at sea.

Cape Town - The man believed to be responsible for the disappearance of SA-born yachtsman Sean Terry has been charged with two counts of negligence in a Seychelles court.

Judith Middleton, spokeswoman for Terry’s family, said on Friday that his crewmate Stefan Pokorny had been charged on Thursday.

“Details of the negligence cases have not been made clear to the family, but they have been told that in two weeks Pokorny will enter his plea, and a trial date will be set.”

Pokorny reported 48-year-old Terry missing when Terry’s yacht, the Finnegan, arrived on the island of Coëtivy, off the coast of the Seychelles, on June 25. According to family sources in the Seychelles, Pokorny claims he saw Terry jump overboard in bad weather conditions on June 22.

Seychelles police initially held Pokorny pending an investigation.

Terry’s family claim Pokorny’s story was “completely ridiculous and out of the question” for an experienced yachtsman like Terry. They questioned why the Finnegan had arrived in the Seychelles when the yacht was meant to be headed for Madagascar.

On a Facebook page dedicated to Terry, the family welcomed the court’s decision.

“We have never believed he jumped overboard, and the family is encouraged by the court’s decision.” - Weekend Argus