Police have appealed to the public not to take the law into their own hands after a mob murder in Plessislaer, Pietermaritzburg.

Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Joey Jeevan said a man, 21, accused of theft, was beaten to death by Plessislaer residents on Monday morning.

“When police got to the scene they saw a man lying on the ground and a group of 30 community members, who were brandishing sticks and iron rods, dancing around him,” Jeevan said.

Police fought through the crowd to save the man, who they carried to a police van and rushed to Edendale Hospital.

The victim, identified as Sphamandla Ngubo, was pronounced dead on arrival. He had suffered multiple open wounds to his head and body, believed to have been inflicted by blunt objects.

It is believed that earlier that morning Ngubo was confronted by the mob, who accused him of being a thief. They subsequently assaulted him.

Police arrested two suspects believed to be involved in the assault. A golf club was found in their possession. The two, aged 21 and 31, are expected in court today.

Daily News