Dino Peterson speaks from his hospital bed at Union Alberton, about his life experiences including taking 5 bullets in the back that left him cripple and two hijackings the recent being on Tuesday night where his mother and brother was shot in. Picture: Timothy Bernard 12.08.2014

Johannesburg - Doctors have amputated the finger of a woman who was shot by men she found hijacking her disabled son at her gate.

Roseline Peterson, 62, was on her way to the gate of her Eden Park, Ekurhuleni, home to open for Dino when she was shot.

Dino, 34, said doctors decided to amputate his mother’s right pinkie because they were unable to save it.

His brother William was shot in the left thigh when he came out of the house to see what the commotion was about.

William, who celebrated turning 25 from his hospital bed on Thursday, is to undergo physiotherapy because he can’t feel the bottom of his left foot.

On Thursday afternoon, he said police had still not taken Dino’s statement since the incident on Tuesday. He had complained to the provincial office.

Dino said he was angry and frustrated at how the police had treated him since the night of the incident. They seemed unwilling to help him, he added.

By late afternoon, provincial police intervened and sent police officers to the hospital to get Dino’s statement.

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