Louisa Kekana remembers her son Sidney Kekana who she believes was killed by his friends. Picture: Timothy Bernard 14.08.2014

Johannesburg - A family in Naturena, Joburg, are asking for help to find the men responsible for the murder of 30-year-old Sidney Kekana.

The young father and three others had been driving on the bridge leading out of Kliptown over the nearby informal settlement in the early hours of July 27 when their Renault Clio ran out of petrol.

According to the Kliptown police, a group of thugs approached the stranded men, leading to a violent attack.

Captain Nondumiso Mpantsha said shortly after the incident that she was unable to say whether the group of men were trying to hijack the car or rob their targets.

However, an argument broke out between the two groups.

This fight turned deadly when Kekana was stabbed, allegedly after his three companions fled the scene.

But Kekana’s mother Louisa isn’t convinced that this is the entire story. She said she had not seen any sign of a struggle at the scene where her son died.

Louisa also complained that the police had done little to interrogate the possibility that someone besides the alleged gang members had committed the crime.

The Star understands that the police are pursuing all leads.

Mpantsha said this week that no arrests had been made.

Clutching a portrait of her son on Thursday, Louisa told The Star she does not sleep since her son’s death.

“I can only sleep with the (help of) pills given to me by a psychiatrist,” she said.

Kekana’s six-year-old daughter Kutlwano misses him terribly, she added.

“It was only this week that we had to sit her down and tell her that her father was now with God,” Louisa said.

Anyone with any information is requested to contact Louisa on [email protected], The Star newspaper, or the Kliptown police station on 011 945 5924.

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