Tsietso Tshukudu. Picture: Supplied


- “I love you but sometimes it’s like you play me for a full (fool). It’s been three years now but I do not know your family (and) it hurts. Every time you visit them, (and) when you come back you do not even say a word gore bareng (what it is they are saying about us). If you can’t take me to meet your family I may as well leave because it seems they (family) don’t like me”.

These were the words written by Tsietso Tshukudu in a letter addressed to her former lover, Tshepo Peleme, a prison warder, who then shot her five times in the back before killing himself.

Tsietso’s letter was given to the DFA by her father, Dithole Seochoareng, and her mother, Matshidiso Matsepe, who said that they found it in her wardrobe.

The letter continues: “Y retshwanetse redule mmogo (why must we continue living together) en (and) like you said your family barata (love) the other woman. En leka lenyalo la cuzn yagago o tsamaile le ene coz ke utlwile convers yangena (And you attended your cousin’s wedding with that other woman, I heard your conversation with her). Tshepo (Peleme), if it is hard 4 (for) you to take m (me) to ur (your) family, y (why) osantheye gore ke itsi (why don’t you say so), but I think is (it is) time 4 (for) me to move on”.

Seochoareng believes that his daughter showed Peleme the letter before she moved out of the rental house they shared.

“In fact I believe that this letter and the decision by my daughter to move out of their house was the reason why Peleme came to my house on Sunday (March 9) to request a meeting between myself, him and his uncle. When Peleme was at my house he wanted me to speak to my daughter about why she moved out of their house,” he said.

He said that the letter dispelled claims that Peleme shot and killed his daughter because the father of her two children had came back into her life.

“As her family we are not happy about these claims at all because they are not true. The issue here is that my daughter left Peleme because he had introduced someone else to his family. In fact Peleme was supposed to pay lobola for the other woman in April, even his parents confirmed this to us on the day of the tragedy. So we have decided to share our daughter’s letter with the media so that the correct story is reported,” Seochoareng added.

Matsepe said that her daughter was killed for selfish reasons.

“Why did he want her while he was planning to marry someone else? She moved out of their house three weeks before he killed her. Clearly this means their love was finished. In fact there was no love between the two.”

“He loved the fact that she was looking after him... cleaning, ironing and doing all those sorts of things. My daughter was a fool for love… she loved him way too much,” she said.

Matsepe added that they are devastated by the loss of her daughter.

“We do not know what to do... her two children are also not taking the loss well,” she said.

Seochoareng smiled as he described how loving and caring his daughter was to him and to the rest of the family.

“I will miss her a lot. She was an amazing person. I will miss the Father’s Day and birthday presents she used to give to me. I loved her a lot,” he said.

“She had grown so wise that she was a mother and a friend to me. She was a happy person,” Matsepe added.

She will be buried this weekend.

Peleme was a prison warder at Kimberley’s Tswelopele Correctional Centre and he used his service pistol to kill Tshukudu and himself. - Diamond Fields Advertiser