Cape Town 120613- Anthony Petersen, a father of the two children Shaylin Petersen and Lionel who allegedely killed by their step father Owen Samodien speaks about them.( he is holding a picture of Shaylin Petersen when she was a baby)Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Argus

A 50-year-old man is under police guard in a hospital after he allegedly killed two children – his son and the daughter of his girlfriend – at the Village Heights informal settlement in Muizenberg.

Four-year-old Shaylin Petersen and her two-year-old half-brother Lionel died after he allegedly cut their throats.

He then tried to take his own life.

The man is being investigated for the children’s murder.

The Cape Argus went to the scene on Wednesday and spoke to Shaylin’s father, 37-year-old

Anthony Petersen.

He is no longer married to the children’s mother, Yolandie Petersen, 27.

Petersen said that he arrived at his ex-wife’s home on Wednesday afternoon where he found his daughter’s tiny, bleeding body.

There were multiple holes in her jacket.

“I couldn’t even look at my child. She was brutally murdered... My poor child. Lionel had the same cut,” he said.

Yolandie Petersen was scared of Lionel’s father, according to Anthony Petersen.

He said she went out on Wednesday morning and returned in the afternoon.

“She came back, knocked, and when there was no answer she peeped through her bedroom window and saw the children.

“She started screaming and running and the neighbours came to help,” Anthony Petersen said.

Inside the house, she was confronted by her worst nightmare.

The once-brown carpet was stained red with blood as were the children’s belongings.

A cabinet where the toddlers’ shoes were usually stacked, was spattered in blood.

Next to it was a 50 cent coin.

She (Shaylin) loved 50 cents. Every time I came here she’d say: ‘Daddy, chips, five bob’.”

“She was very fond of going to school. When her mommy went to pick her up from school, she wanted to stay there. She was a very lively and bubbly child. She was very obedient, but also a bit cheeky. She would make fun of you if she knew you,” said Anthony Petersen.

He said he “freaked out” when he received a call at work around 12.10pm on Wednesday, informing him that Shaylin was dead.

“I was very angry. It’s hurting very badly deep inside...

“How can (someone) kill an innocent child who’s done nothing?” Petersen asked.

He said he hoped that justice would be served.

Warrant Officer November Filander confirmed that a 50-year-old man, believed to be Lionel’s father, was being investigated for the murders.

He said the suspect was under police custody in a hospital.

Filander added:

“It is believed he collected (the children) from the crèche (on Wednesday) morning before committed the crimes.”

Cape Argus