Jozi Fm DJ Donald Sebolai arrives at the Protea Magistrates court, Soweto for the alledged murder of his girlfriend, Rachel Dolly Tshabalala. Picture: Antoine de Ras, 10/07/2014

Johannesburg - Murder accused radio presenter Donald Sebolai was denied bail by the Protea Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

“Your application for bail in this court is denied,” Magistrate Herman Badenhorst said.

The fact that Sebolai had been on the run for nine days showed he could abscond if granted bail, he said.

Sebolai, 37, is accused of stabbing his girlfriend Rachel Dolly Tshabalala at his flat in Jabulani, Soweto, on June 29.

The Jozi FM DJ was arrested in Dube on July 8 after being on the run for nine days.

Investigating officer, Constable Oupa Khubeka, told the court the wounds Tshabalala suffered were horrendous.

“She was stabbed in her private parts. I attended when the post mortem report was presented,” Khubeka said during Sebolai's bail application.

“The stab wounds start from the genitals to the right thigh. These were deep wounds that showed the amount of violence that took place.”

She was found in a pool of blood in bed. Blood had been wiped off the floors in the flat, Khubeka said.

A neighbour told police Sebolai was seen around 10am loading what looked like clothes into his girlfriend's car, he said. Sebolai did not own a car.

“The vehicle was found dumped on the same day in an open veld in Central Western Jabavu. Police found a bloodstained steak knife in the car and many clothes loaded in the back seat, including his shoes.”

Tshabalala's pyjama pants, her gown and a towel, all blood-soaked, were in the car. The clothing and the towel were taken for DNA analysis, Khubeka said.

The small public gallery was packed with relatives, friends and journalists.

There were sounds of disapproval from the gallery when Sebolai testified earlier. He denied stabbing Tshabalala.

He said an argument ensued between him and Tshabalala.

“She grabbed the knife and tried to stab me. I tried to block it... We were in a standing position. She got stabbed while we were struggling for the knife,” he said.

Badenhorst asked where she was stabbed.

“I don't remember where on the body. I only saw blood on her pyjama pants. I was shocked by seeing the blood.”

He said he did not know what to do and decided to pack his clothes and leave the flat in Tshabalala's car.

Sebolai refused to answer questions about whether Tshabalala was still alive, whether she was talking, and whether he moved her before he left the flat after the stabbing.

Khubeka said Sebolai called Tshabalala's best friend, Nonhlanhla Mkhize, and told her he had killed her friend.

While on the run, Jozi FM chief executive Mpho Mhlongo sent Sebolai a WhatsApp message and told him to come to the station, Khubeka said.

“He replied to Mhlongo and said 'I don't want to spoil your brand, I did some shit... my girlfriend is dead,” Khubeka said.

The case was postponed to August 13 for further investigation.