Oscar Pistorius sits in the dock during the fifth day of his trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. Picture: Themba Hadebe/Pool

Pretoria - The eighth witness to be called to the stand was one of Oscar Pistorius's ex-girlfriends, Samantha Taylor.

Taylor and Pistorius met in 2010 at a rugby game, and began dating in 2011.

She was just 17 years old when they started dating, she said.

She said she would spend about four days of the week with Pistorius during their courtship.

Taylor said that she was familiar with Pistorius's bedroom and said he would sleep on the right hand side of the bed if facing the wall.

She said he did own a gun while they were dating, as he kept it on him “all the time”.

He carried it with him when visiting friends, and would put his gun on the bedside table at night or next to his prosthetic legs on the floor. Pistorius would keep his legs next to him at night.

Taylor also said that Pistorius had two cellphones while they were dating, because he used one for work, and one for personal calls.

In the evenings, Pistorius would often use his cellphones.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel posed the question that if Pistorius was extremely agitated, would his screams would sound like a woman.

“No, he sounds like a man,” said Taylor, who revealed he used to shout at her.

Taylor spoke of a visit to the Vaal river with Pistorius and Darren Fresco, Justin Divaris and his girlfriend, Sam Greyvenstein.

On the way home, Fresco, Pistorius and Taylor, who were in in one car, got pulled over by police because they were speeding.

Pistorius had left his gun on the seat of the car, and the officer noticed this, Taylor said.

He said to Pistorius that he could not just leave a gun on his seat.

When the police officer took the gun to unload it, Pistoris got angry and began shouting at the officer.

But the group were let go, and Taylor said Fresco and Pistorius were annoyed.

While continuing their journey, the pair said they wanted to “shoot a robot”.

Pistorius then shot out of the open sunroof of the car.

Taylor said the noise was loud, but that the pair did not discuss the incident, and just laughed.

From there, they went to “sign gun papers” at a friend of Pistorius's, and then to dinner in Sandton.

Nel returned to Taylor’s statement that Pistorius had shouted at her.

Taylor revealed it had happened on multiple occasions, and he had also at various points shouted at her sister and friends.

Taylor then told the court that the relationship had ended after Pistorius cheated on her with Reeva Steenkamp.

Defence advocate Barry Roux argued that Taylor and Pistorius had not been together at the time of the sunroof shooting, as proved by emails in possession of the defence.

But Taylor said that their relationship had ended twice, the first time also because of infidelity.

Roux then asked if Taylor had said Pistorius went out with Reeva at the same time he was going out with her.

Taylor agreed saying: “The first time our relationship ended he cheated on me.”

Taylor started crying and the court was adjourned.

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