Forensic investigator Paul OSullivan. File picture: Boxer Ngwenya


Johannesburg - Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan is convinced Radovan Krejcir’s defence team is trying to fish for sensitive information from his investigation into the Czech businessman that could put the lives of his sources in danger.

He also believes that if this information, specifically contact details for these informers, is revealed in court, they could be assassinated.

This comes after the team subpoenaed the investigator on Thursday to provide documents on his probe, as well as his phone records to the South Gauteng High Court sitting at Palm Ridge.

Also subpoenaed were police commissioner General Riah Phiyega, fellow investigator Colonel Nkosana Ximba and crime intelligence boss Chris Ngcobo.

Krejcir is on trial for kidnapping and attempted murder after allegedly nabbing the brother of a drug dealer in his employ following the disappearance of a shipment of tik.

Krejcir’s co-accused are Desai Luphondo, Siboniso Miya and Hawks members Samuel “Saddam” Maruping, George Nthoroane and Jan Mofokeng.

In his responding affidavit filed in court last week, O’Sullivan said that since May 2012, he had been assisting the Hawks in their investigation into Krejcir, but that he had no further knowledge on the current case.

Additionally, he said he could not comply with the subpoena regarding his telephonic records as he had “absolutely no itemised billing records of (his) phone”.

“Krejcir’s legal advisers should seek my cellphone records through other lawful channels,” he wrote.

“Furthermore, owing to the fact that Krejcir is still attempting to have me murdered, I submit it is lawful for me not to appear in the above honourable court by prior arrangement, unless the State first notifies and supplies me with armed escorts,” he said.

The response also included several key affidavits he provided to the police linking Krejcir to business dealings with slain strip club magnate Lolly Jackson and his alleged killer, George Louca.

“I wanted to show that their client is an absolute gangster,” O’Sullivan told The Star.

On Friday, Krejcir’s lawyer, Annelene van den Heever, told the court she needed time to analyse O’Sullivan’s response, and the case was postponed.

Meanwhile, O’Sullivan claimed that Krejcir’s legal team already had access to some of the phone records of investigators looking into the case, including himself, and was set to bring an urgent high court application this week to have the records destroyed or, at the very least, not shared. He said his phone records could seriously endanger his sources.

O’Sullivan’s written response also accused the SAPS of failing to act on his investigation’s findings for some time, as “Krejcir had senior police officers, to the rank of general, in his pocket”.

He also openly stated he had spent more than R1 million of his own finances to help bring Krejcir to book.

Police have also allegedly linked Krejcir to the killing of German supercar specialist Uwe Gemballa and the assassination of suspected drug dealer Sam Issa. Krejcir also faces a case instigated by Sars for allegedly using a network of companies to channel money and evade income tax payments.

* Jackson, Krejcir and Oscar Pistorius may have a mutual friend, at least according to an affidavit by one of Krejcir’s former business associates.

Alekos Panayi’s signed affidavit was submitted by forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan to the court last week, and reveals certain details about Krejcir’s business relationship with the slain strip club king.

In a bizarre twist, Panayi claims that a friend of Pistorius, Justin Divaris, was involved in the scam, but failed to elaborate on exactly how he was involved.

Divaris, chief executive of the Daytona Group, was one of the first people Pistorius phoned after shooting and killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The athlete told the court during his murder trial he had been introduced to Steenkamp by Divaris.

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