Cape Town-01-10-2012 Johannes Kleinhans in Parow regional court appearing for 95 charges relating to child pornography and sexual grooming and sexual assault.pic Phando Jikelo reporter Megan Baadjies

Cape Town - Sentencing proceedings in a case involving a convicted paedophile were delayed in the Parow Regional Court on Monday because of an incomplete psychiatric report.

The sentencing of Johannes Kleinhans, 74, was postponed until December 13.

He has been convicted of 95 counts of indecent and sexual assaults on three young girls, and possession of child pornography.

Defence attorney Johannes Grobbelaar said he appointed a psychiatrist in early November to compile a report on Kleinhans, and that this would be crucial to the sentence imposed.

Grobbelaar said the psychiatrist had seen Kleinhans twice, and needed three more days to complete the report.

In earlier proceedings, prosecutor Herculine Swart told the court Kleinhans's victims, who had poor backgrounds, came to regard him as a father figure because of the gifts, money, food and clothing he gave their parents.

The girls and their families had addressed Kleinhans as “Uncle Ian”.

Swart said Kleinhans abused this “self-created fatherly” relationship, and his position of authority over the girls.

She said Kleinhans converted a house in Parow into a private gymnasium, which only the three girls knew about.

He stocked it with exercising equipment, liquor, sex toys and condoms.

Kleinhans used to hold several directorships, but was forced to resign as a result of the case. - Sapa