Lansdowne. 140515. Workmen fixing the damaged front section to the offices of Hassan Brothers at the corner of Lansdowne and Roy Road where a bomb allegedly exploded last night. Picture Ian Landsberg

Cape Town -

As police investigators probed a case of arson following a bomb attack at the Lansdowne home of Cape defence attorney Noorudien Hassan, sources close to the family were speculating that anti-drug and gang organisation Pagad might be behind the attack.

On Wednesday night, an explosive device was hurled at Hassan’s home, causing damage to the front porch, the roof and windows. By noon on Thursday, repairs were under way.

The family-owned shop, Hassan Brothers Superette, which is next to the house, was not damaged.

While police did not want to discuss details, insiders said on Thursday that the device was a pipe bomb. “They all suspect it was Pagad, but nobody knows for sure,” one resident said.

However, Pagad leader Abdus Salaam Ebrahim told the Cape Argus: “Pagad had nothing to do with it.”

Hassan said: “I have no idea why this has happened. I was outside the shop when we heard the blast.”

Asked if he thought the attack was linked to his work, he said: “I really don’t know”. He had not had any threats.

Police spokesman FC van Wyk said: “There are no witnesses and police are urging members of the public to come forward with information.”

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