Rowena Murray Brown murdered in her Parkview home. Photo: Handout/Supplied

The police have caught the man alleged to have killed a 65-year-old Parkview, Joburg, woman and

fleeing with her cellphone afterwards.

The 29-year-old Zimbabwean was arrested in Yeoville on Tuesday last week, six days after Rowena Murray Brown’s murder.

The man is alleged to have hit Murray Brown on the head with a hammer, strangled her with an extension cord and left her in a pool of blood.

Lieutenant-Colonel Katlego Mogale said the man had been known to Murray Brown.

He said the man was believed to have acted alone.

It is believed the man killed Murray Brown after she had interrupted him. He was still in the house after the murder when Murray Brown’s daughter Joanne walked in around 2pm.

Police and private security guards who Joanne called had pursued the intruder, but lost him.

Parkview residents said Murray Brown’s killer had jumped over the back wall of the property and entered the house through the back door.

After beating Murray Brown and strangling her with an electric cord, he collected cellphones, jewellery and money until he was disturbed by her daughter’s arrival. Some of the stolen goods were found in neighbouring properties.

Murray Brown was a specialist writer, editor and publisher – mainly for NGOs, especially hospices.

“She would leave prepared food for rubbish pickers, she would invite the elderly without family for dinner and prepare special festive lunches for the Congolese car guards,” a friend said.

“She would pay school fees for workers’ children, she would help find lost animals and save kittens dropped on the pavement.” - The Star