Oscar Pistorius covers his head with his hands and a notebook as he listens to forensic evidence during his trial. Pistorius is charged with the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines Day in 2013. (AP Photo/Alet Pretorius, Pool)

Pretoria - A series of grim photographs shown to the Pretoria High Court have traced the journey of two investigators who arrived at Oscar Pistorius' home on the night he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.

Colonel Giliam van Rensburg continued his testimony of what he found upstairs with former investigating officer Hilton Botha.

After both officers had investigated her body in the ground floor hall, Botha and Van Rensburg went upstairs, finding the trail of blood on the walls and floors leading from the landing, past the lounge and into Pistorius' bedroom.

The court was shown a series of images of the main bedroom, as it would have been directly after Van Rensburg had entered. The bedroom door had marks indicating it had sustained some damage. Van Rensburg said he hadn't noticed this. Another photo showing an air gun and a baseball bat next to a trophy case in the main bedroom. The next photo showed the main bedroom had sheets on the floor near the foot of the bed and a pair of denim pants. The balcony door also featured, which van Rensburg said was open when he arrived. The box of watches believed to have been stolen from the scene was also visible.

Van Rensburg confirmed to the court that before he did, no one had gone upstairs after he had arrived on the scene.

Another photo showed the right hand side of the bed, while the next was of the holster and magazine of Pistorius' gun from the right hand bedside cabinet drawer.

Pistorius' chest of drawers also was shown, with a small electric fan next to it. A plastic packet with a syring and a box of homeopathic medication called Coenzyme Compositum was shown next. An overnight bag was also next to bed.

Photos also showed a cartridge casing in the small cupboard passage that led to the bathroom where Steenkamp was shot.

The casing lay just opposite the entrance to the bathroom.

The next photo showed the entrance to the bathroom, larger blood spots, another cartridge casing and splinters from the cubicle door visible on the floor.

The next photo revealed the panel of wood that had come out of the door, and a bath towel covered in blood.

A bloodstain was on the wall next to the basins in the bathroom, and spatter along the basins themselves.

A cricket bat also lay on the floor beneath the basins, next to the bloody towels.

Next to it lay another towel, a pistol, cell phone and more pieces of wood on the floor.

Van Rensburg originally thought there were two iPhones, but ultimately one was just the phone cover.

Another white Samsung-like phone was discovered, however.

The broken toilet door was next to be shown, along with the open window to its left.

A key with a green tag was visible in the door, on the outside of the cubicle.

A small steel plate on the bathtub in the main bathroom was dented.

But the last photo of the day revealed the inside of the toilet cubicle, splinters of wood and a large panel next to a pool of blood next to the toilet.

The trial continues on Friday.

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