Police in Ennerdale say they are adamant to arrest the criminal element taking part in the protests. Picture: Ilanit Chernick/The Star
Johannesburg – Police were adamant on Thursday morning to put an end to the "criminal element" taking part in protests across Ennerdale in the south of Joburg.

Burning tyres, tree branches and rubble littered the streets as police walked street after street in search of the group some deemed "hooligans".

Firing teargas and rubber bullets, police dispersed any small crowds that were attempting to gather.

Some residents watched from inside their gates as police, JMPD and nyalas passed through.

One resident who only identified herself as Lily said that it was enough.

"This protest needs to end. It's become too violent now – people and police keep attacking each other and it just won't end.

"A young boy who is asthmatic was hit with teargas in the face earlier, he's now in hospital," she said.

Other residents agreed, adding that many of those protesting were youth and criminals who don't represent the community.

Police and JMPD made several attempts to clear roads but were thwarted several times.

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