Professor Cyril Karabus

Cape Town - Cape Town Professor Cyril Karabus’s legal team has called on event organisers across the globe to reconsider hosting events in Abu Dhabi in a move to put pressure on the United Arab Emirates authorities.

Karabus’s lawyer Michael Bagraim said the legal team had asked several organisations responsible for hosting events such as sports tournaments and oil and gas seminars in Abu Dhabi to boycott the country.

“We are trying a different approach that will apply pressure internally. We are asking businesses and organisations to consider boycotting the country as they (Abu Dhabi) are unfairly holding Karabus,” he said.

Karabus has yet to report to the judge whether or not his legal team has located missing original medical records.

Karabus, 77, has been detained in Abu Dhabi since August last year over a manslaughter conviction in 2003.

He was arrested while in transit in Dubai when returning to South Africa from Toronto.

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