Luke Tibbets, 3, died after he was wounded in a shooting in Westbury.

Johannesburg - The man who was shot and wounded in the Westbury shooting, that also left a three-year-old boy critically wounded, was arrested on Wednesday, Gauteng police said.

The man was taken in for questioning and later arrested, Warrant Officer Gordon Billing said.

The man and three-year-old Luke Tibbetts were travelling in the area in separate vehicles when they were hit by stray bullets.

They were taken to nearby hospitals.

The man was shot in his right arm and was treated and discharged.

He would appear on Thursday in the Newlands Magistrate's Court.

Lindray Khakhu, 24, was arrested for allegedly shooting and wounding Tibbetts.

On Tuesday, he appeared in the Newlands Magistrate's Court and the matter was postponed to August 12. He would remain in custody.

The case was handed over to the provincial police.

“The provincial police have taken over the case because there are a lot of conflicting stories from residents,” said Billing.

Residents had been providing police with different stories and more information was outstanding.