Durban - Eight members of the notorious “sticky tape gang” who have carried out a spate of farm attacks in the Cato Ridge area, have been arrested.

The gang is known to tie their victims with Cellophane tape before torturing them.

They were arrested in a six-hour raid last night at several settlements in the Hammarsdale area and the Sankontshe location, a source said.

Police spokesman, Colonel Jay Naicker, said an unlicensed 9mm pistol and various 9mm and 7.65mm live rounds were recovered.

Two camping chairs, a bag containing a pair of expensive sunglasses, a pair of gloves, a beanie hat and Cellophane tape were also found at the suspects’ homes. At midnight, members of SAPS Camperdown, the Pietermaritzburg Tactical Response Team, Pietermaritzburg K9 Unit and Magma Security and Investigations swooped on the Sankontshe area near Mpumalanga, Naicker said.

Eight suspects were arrested.


It has been alleged the gang confronted victims at their homes in the Camperdown, Cato Ridge and Killarney Valley areas and demanded cash and firearms. The suspects would then assault the victims and tie them up with Cellophane tape before fleeing with their loot.

In some cases the suspects would also take food from the fridge or eat and drink something before they fled. The suspects, aged between 22 and 26 years, are expected to appear in the Camperdown Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

It is believed the suspects could be linked to a recent robbery at Lily of the Valley orphanage in Eston and four farm attacks in Cato Ridge.

It is alleged among their victims was 76-year-old Felicity Schwegmann, who was attacked at her Honigkrantz Farm in Killarney Isles, last Friday.

She was tortured with a pair of pliers and threatened at gunpoint.

The robbers spent several hours in the house pinching her on her hands and legs with the pliers.

They demanded cash and guns.

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