Cape Town - The two pupils caught on camera having sex in the back of a classroom have been booted out of their school.

And the teenager who filmed the shocking incident has also been expelled.

The footage – details of which were published for the first time on Tuesday – has sparked outrage among concerned parents.

The Daily Voice has helped the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) identify the school at the centre of the scandal.

On Tuesday the WCED confirmed that the sex act actually took place last year, but the school did not tell the department about the disturbing footage.

“The video evidence was never handed to the department as the police took possession of the evidence,” WCED spokeswoman Bronagh Casey said.

“The Department can confirm that the incident did happen at a school in the Western Cape.

“The incident occurred last year. Three learners were involved.

“Once it was brought to the school’s attention, a disciplinary meeting was held and a recommendation for expulsion was made, which was upheld by the department.”

“We would like to thank you [Daily Voice] for your assistance and for not identifying the school. We and the school appreciate it.”

The teenagers at the centre of the sex film scandal attended a Cape Flats high school.

They were all in Grade 11 at the time of the recording.

We are not naming the school in order to protect the teenagers’ identities.

The graphic sex clip went viral among students attending various high schools across the Cape.

The video clearly shows the pupils – both in school uniforms – having sex at the back of an empty classroom.

The boy is seen smiling and showing gang hand signs to the camera above him.

The girl appears unaware that the incident is being recorded until the last moment.

A concerned mother of a child who attends the school at the centre of the sex scandal claims the boy openly boasted about the incident with his fellow pupils.

And she claimed the school tried to “sweep the incident under the rug”.

The woman said: “All the parents were told about an unfortunate incident that happened at school but that was it. We heard nothing else.

“My daughter [who was not involved in the scandal] was in Grade 8.

“She came home traumatised, but to other children whose parents allow them to have their phones at school this is like normal behaviour.

“This video spread like hot fire.”

* Meanwhile, Mountview High School in Hanover Park would like the Daily Voice to confirm that it is not the school at the centre of the scandal following unsubstantiated rumours on Tuesday.