Cape Town 18/12/12-Protestors in the background as Heinrich Siegels walks by who appeared at Caledon Court on charges of murder and assault. Picture:Brendan Magaar

Cape Town - A man accused of slaughtering twin toddlers while high on drugs was out on bail for a drug charge at the time of the brutal murders.

The Daily Voice can reveal that Heinrich “Junior” Siegels was facing a drug possession charge when he allegedly ended the lives of two-year-olds Rainetha and Rainecia Neelse.

Siegels is alleged to have been high on tik on the day the double murder occurred. He told witnesses he thought he had killed snakes and not his lover’s babies.

Siegels, 30, has a history of drug abuse according to those close to him.

He appeared in the Caledon Magistrates’ Court last week for a bail application but was sent back to the cells after a brief appearance. It emerged that his bid for freedom was hopeless as he had already been sentenced for the drug charge after his arrest for the twins’ murder.


Authorities could not immediately provide details of the drug charge but the National Prosecuting Authority confirm Siegels’ arrest and conviction on the dwelm charge.

“The bail application was not heard on Thursday because the accused was sentenced in a Hermanus case and must first serve that sentence,” says Eric Ntabazalila, provincial spokesman for the NPA.

Ntabazalila added that the State would oppose Siegels’ bail application due to the seriousness of his alleged crime. And he says staying behind bars may be safer for Siegels following threats from the community to take the law into their own hands and exact revenge on him.

“It is also the view of the police that the accused’s life will be in danger if he were to be released on bail,” says Ntabazalila.

Siegels was arrested in December after he allegedly stabbed ex-girlfriend Reinette Neelse, 25, several times with a shard of broken glass.

He is then accused of turning his rage on Reinette’s twin girls. The two died after being savagely stabbed with a homemade knife. Witnesses say Siegels was high on tik at the time.

In his brief court appearance last week he apologised to Reinette, saying he did not mean to harm her kids.

He also asked why she had not visited him in prison.

Siegels will remain behind bars until his next court appearance in March.