These beautiful two-year-old sisters were brutally stabbed to death  allegedly by their mom's ex-boyfriend. Photo: Daily Voice

Cape Town - These beautiful two-year-old sisters were brutally stabbed to death – allegedly by their mom’s drug-addicted ex-boyfriend.

Rainetha and Rainecia Neelse died in the arms of their mother Reinette Neelse, who was also seriously injured during the frenzied attack.

Cops have arrested the alleged killer.

He will appear in court on Tuesday charged with the horrific double murders.

Reinette, 25, on Monday night gave a harrowing detailed account of the events that led to her daughters’ slaughter.

The bloody nightmare unfolded on Friday morning when the 30-year-old suspect attacked his ex-girlfriend, two days after they split, with a knife.

“He wouldn’t allow my children Rainetha and Rainecia to come near me. He held onto me tightly the whole time,” Reinette said.

The man then walked up and down in the streets of Uitsig, Caledon, while allegedly holding a knife to Reinette’s throat.

Eventually she convinced him to take her and the children to their aunt Anette Adonis’ home in Kolgans Street.

When they got to the house, Reinette tried to calm him down while Anette played with the kids outside.

At one point Anette ran into the road and stopped a police van and begged for help.

But for some reason the officer did not take the alleged knifeman into custody.

“If they had taken him, those children would still be alive,” Anette claimed.

Things then went from bad to worse.

Fearing for her life, Reinette tried to reach out to her terrified daughters.

But her enraged ex grabbed Rainecia.

“When I begged him to give her to me, he threw Rainecia and as I turned around to lock her up in the bathroom, he threw a glass at my head,” saidReinette.

He then grabbed the little girl and allegedly stabbed Reinette in the head with a piece of the broken glass.

Then he allegedly butchered the two-year-old girl in front of her mother.

“He stabbed Rainecia in the head, her throat and finally in her tummy,” Reinette claimed as tears streamed down her face.

“I wanted to die because I knew she wasn’t going to make it, but then I thought of Rainetha playing outside.”

The man then allegedly locked the badly-injured mother and daughter in the house while he ran out.

While trying to stop the blood gushing from Rainecia’s wounds, Reinette had to watch in horror as he allegedly stabbed her other daughter several times.

“He stabbed Rainetha in her head, walked away, then went back to stab her in her heart and when she fell forward, he stabbed her in her back,” Reinette said.

The man then allegedly threw a speaker box on the tiny girl’s head.

He then ran into the road and jumped on the bakkie of a woman selling meat in the area.

“He hung on to the bakkie like Spiderman and tried to stab holes in the windscreen,” said neighbour and eyewitness Ivy Tobias.

Reinette managed to escape from the house.

She asked a neighbour to drive her to hospital with her bleeding babies in her arms.

“They were both still alive but Rainecia died as I got into the ambulance, when we got into it on our way to the hospital,” said Reinette.

Rainetha also died from her terrible wounds a short time later.

Reinette says she was later told that her ex-boyfriend was allegedly high on tik.

“He loved my children and treated them like his own so I don’t know how he could do this,” Reinette explained.

“I will never forgive him. I hate him.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk has confirmed that cops are investigating the double murder as well as a charge of attempted murder.

“The suspect was arrested near the scene. He will appear at the Caledon Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday morning,” he says.

* This article was published in the Daily Voice