Waterkloof four in prison cell. 160214 Picture: YouTube

Johannesburg - One of the notorious Waterkloof Four convicts - who had his parole withdrawn after a video emerged of him allegedly drinking in prison - wants out of his maximum security jail cell.

Christoff Becker’s legal team is expected to lodge an urgent application in the Pretoria High Court on Friday as they want his re-arrest and detention declared unlawful and him to be released on parole again.

Becker’s parole was revoked in February, five days after he was let out, after the release of an explosive video that also featured fellow Waterkloof Four member Frikkie du Preez and a third inmate.

In the video, filmed in a cell of the Kgosi Mampuru Prison cell in Pretoria, Becker said in Afrikaans: “It’s a nice weekend in jail here.”

Although inmates are not allowed cellphones, which are considered contraband, the video appeared to be filmed on a cellphone and also shows Becker taking photos of himself with one.

There are also hints that the men are drinking.

“We’re having a great time. We managed to get a bottle of something,” Becker said at another point in the video.

At one stage, Du Preez, who appears to be seated on a toilet and drinking something out of a mug, doubles over with laughter and lifts an eyebrow and pouts.

A photo on the computer screen in the background shows a bottle of J&B whisky and a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label.

Pop music plays throughout the video which was released earlier this year.

The cell is shown equipped with a sink, a computer on a table and a pot plant.

Becker takes photos of himself with a cellphone while posing shirtless in front of a mirror.

Throughout the video, which runs for just under four minutes, Becker pulls at his shorts to expose more of his red-banded briefs. He stands up to flex his muscles, does some dance moves and plays with his belly button, which is shown in an extended close-up.

Becker and Du Preez were rearrested on February 16 and the former was transferred to the Kokstad Maximum Security Prison in KZN.

Becker’s legal representative Carel Taute said he was busy with the application to get him released on parole again, failing which he should come back to Pretoria. The matter was postponed until Friday.

DJCS spokesman Manelisi Wolela couldn’t comment until he had details from their legal team.

The Star believes Becker’s legal team will argue that there was no drinking and that he struggles to speak to his lawyers at his current prison.

Becker, Du Preez, Gert van Schalkwyk and Reinach Tiedt were jailed for beating a homeless man to death in Pretoria in 2001.

Van Schalkwyk and Tiedt are out on parole.

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