Still unsure: consider these high-demand qualifications

Career options in IT to consider include software developer or engineer, web developer, mobile app developer and more.

Career options in IT to consider include software developer or engineer, web developer, mobile app developer and more.

Published Jan 27, 2022


FOLLOWING the release of the matric results of 2021, young people will be faced with the need or desire to adjust their study plans for this year because they did not perform as expected, while many others will be faced with the happy news that their options have increased as a result of better-than-expected results.

“And if you are someone who is now eligible to apply for higher education, you should investigate your options as a matter of urgency,” says Linda Fekisi, head of programme at The Independent Institute of Education.

Fekisi says there are numerous high-in-demand qualifications that may still be taking applications. These include, but are not limited to:

Information Technology

Qualified and capable IT professionals are in higher demand than ever before.


The demand for graduates who are competent in the theory and practise of accounting remains across organisations – from start-ups to multinationals.


The combination of management and business skills is a potent one which will position graduates to climb the career ladder from day one.

Brand communication and copywriting

Traditionally, the idea of becoming a copywriter was closely associated with the advertising industry.

However, a good writer today will find their skills in high demand in a variety of fields, including the corporate world, web development, public relations, content creation, SEO writing, UX writing, digital community management, social media management and content strategy. A BA in Creative Brand Communications and Copywriting, or a Higher Certificate in Communication Practices, will position graduates strongly within the jobs marketplace.

“The key message for anyone who wants to study this year is to ensure that they carefully consider their unique skills, career dreams and current and prospective future demand for their skills. And then to find a highly-rated institution with a curriculum grounded in what the industry requires from these professionals, with a strong work-integrated learning component. Time is running out fast, but for those matriculants who are serious about career success, 2022 can still open up exciting new opportunities,” concludes Fekisi.