Boris Johnson walks to the stage, as rival Jeremy Hunt looks on after the announcement of the result in the ballot for the new Conservative party leader, in Londo. Picture: Stefan Rousseau/Pool photo via AP

London - Actress and TV presenter Kelly Brook once had to come to the aide of Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he "dislocated his thumb" at a party.

The 39-year-old star has recalled the time she went to a dinner party in 2010 with the new Conservative Party leader, and Kelly has claimed she had to "comfort" Boris, 55, by placing "frozen peas" on his damaged digit after his estranged wife Marina Wheeler asked her to treat his injury following an intense thumb war contest.

Revealing the incident during the Heart Breakfast radio show, she said: "That evening we were all having drinks, like a bit of party, dancing, and he started play fighting with some of the other guests. And it all started getting a bit out of hand and his wife came over to me and said, 'Kelly they're getting very rough with each other, they're hurting Boris, can you go and do something?'

"So I was chosen to go and split up this little kind of fracas between Boris and one of these other guys at the party, and they had been playing thumb wars or something. I'm not joking, they were playing thumb wars ... and he lost so badly that he actually dislocated his thumb and he was very upset about it so I had to comfort him and get frozen peas from the freezer and ice his thumb. Yeah. True story."

And Kelly - who had been plugging Sky Ride bikes with the new leader of the UK in 2010 - also claimed Boris even managed to get himself into trouble with Welsh music legend Dame Shirley Bassey, after he kept asking her to sing her famous James Bond theme 'Goldfinger'.

She shared: "I know Boris. Quite well actually. Well we used to do some Sky Ride stuff together, you know he was all about, he loves his bicycles Boris, he gets round on the bike doesn’t he, so we were promoting getting on your bike and healthy lifestyles and stuff. 

"Anyway we got invited to a dinner party together once, it was quite a shuzy dinner party, lots of interesting people there. And Shirley Bassey was there. And everyone was very excited because obviously she’s like a big diva and amazing and a bit of an icon. And no one was more excited than Boris and he started singing 'Goldfinger' at the table in front of everyone. And he’s just looking at Shirley singing 'Goldfinger', come on Shirley give us a song.' 

"And I was thinking, this is so inappropriate because it must be so irritating as a singer to always be expected to sing just like that. And you can see her getting more and more irritated at which point, the third time he sang Goldfinger, she stood up she went, 'I am not singing on cue Boris,' and just screamed at him and the whole table just went silent. He just always says and does the wrong thing!"