Johannesburg 201209 Dagga leaf in the hostle water. Members of the local volunteers together with the SAPS conducted a raid at the Dube Hostle, Soweto and a field behind the hostle where dagga was growing was found during the raid. No arrests was made because the suspects had fled before the poicemen arrived. picture : neil baynes


Sydney -

Australian police were puzzled on Tuesday over three large bags of cannabis left on the side of a road with an invitation to partake for free.

“Perhaps they were just sharing the love,” a New South Wales police spokesman said about the find at Nowra, 160 kilometres south of Sydney.

A passerby found the green rubbish bags with “Free Dope” on a scrawled on a piece of cardboard.

The bags contained 16 kilograms of freshly harvested cannabis.

“If no one comes forward to claim them, the marijuana will be destroyed,” the police spokesman said. “We're waiting to see if anyone does.” - Sapa-dpa