A German nymphomaniac who was arrested after forcing a man to make love to her eight times has struck again, this time keeping her victim on the go for 36 hours.

The 31-year-old man was found weeping on the street outside her apartment in Munich by police.

He escaped from the apartment when she fell asleep.

The man told officers: “I met her on a bus. She invited me back here. Oh God, it was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me.”

Police confirmed his ordeal in a press statement.

The 47-year-old woman has been taken into a hospital for psychiatric observation.

Last month, her first victim, Dieter Schulz, 43, guided police to her flat using his cellphone while standing naked on her balcony.

He told officers: “She is trying to kill me with sex. I cannot get out - and I cannot go on!”

When police arrived to question the woman and free Schulz she invited two officers to join her in bed for a 'quickie.'

They declined. - Daily Mail