A brain surgeon’s romantic gesture turned into farce when he lost the engagement ring he’d buried on a beach for his girlfriend to find.

Steve Carr had hoped to pop the question to Mary Naam when she found the ring in the sand.

Unfortunately, despite two hours of digging at Pelican Bay, Florida, the couple failed to unearth the ring.

Miss Naam said: “We were digging and digging and I thought there was no way we were gonna find it.”

She eventually enlisted the help of a metal detector who found the ring within minutes. Despite the chaos, the proposal paid off for Dr Carr. Miss Naam said: “You gotta feel sorry for the guy, digging in the rain for a couple of hours. How can you say no to that?”

Dr Carr, from Denver, Colorado, said: “It wasn’t very smart. I wasn’t worried about the expense - I just wanted to be engaged to her.” - Daily Mail