In an ad on the Gumtree website, a city woman said she needed someone to travel back in time with her.

If you’re not busy this weekend, and if your head is no bigger than 64cm, how about travelling back in time to June, 1983?

In an ad on the Gumtree website on Monday, a city woman said: “I have a functioning time machine (I assure you it works) and I need a second person to operate with me.”

She preferred a male traveller, but women up to doing some heavy lifting could apply.

They would leave on Friday, “handle some business” in the 1980s and return on Sunday.

The candidate had to be serious about time travel, with a head circumference no bigger than 64cm.

Calls to the number supplied went straight to the voicemail service belonging to a Natasha.

The ad had been removed by late Tuesday afternoon. - Cape Argus