Picture: Youtube
Cape Town - The relationship between a dog and its owner has always been understood to be a strong one, but this video demonstrates just how emotionally invested our canine companions can truly be. 

The video, currently circulating as number 17 on YouTube’s Top Trending List at the time of writing, describes the story of a family adopting a dog. 

The dog “immediately became an integral part of the family and loved to play with the children,” it goes on to explain. 

However, the dog began to exhibit unusual behaviour, refusing to sleep at night and keeping a watchful eye on his owners. 

Concerned, his owners followed up on his unusual behaviour, only to find that the dog had been given to the shelter at night whilst he’d slept. 

What happened next is truly heart-warming. 

The dog’s owner’s, now understanding of their dog’s suspicion, invited him to sleep right next to them; reassuring him of their affections in doing so. Since then he has finally been able to sleep at night.

This video shows just how much trust dogs can put in us and how we shouldn’t take for granted how we communicate, and display our affections, with them.