Los Angeles -- A woman caused about $200,000 (approximately R 26 07 680) in damage when she knocked over about 10 pieces of artworks when taking a selfie at the 14th Factory Exhibition in Los Angeles. 

Video captured by a surveillance camera showed that the woman attempted to take a selfie with one of the displayed crowns. 

When she crouched down for the best angle of her selfie, she suddenly fell backward and knocked one over and caused a domino effect, as all the art pieces were set closely to each other.

All other pieces in that row were knocked over. Their value is estimated at 20,000 U.S. dollars each. The accident happened two weeks ago. 

The video put on the Youtube Thursday triggered some doubts. Some people asked whether it was an accident or a stunt. 

"I have re-watched video. It is unusual who is photographing a scene like this to linger for so long. Now I am thinking this is a staged performance...," @Vreal commented. 

Some others asked that since the artworks are so valuable, why they were set up like dominoes. 

A spokesperson of the 14th Factory confirmed with Fox News in an email that it was a real accident. 

Three sculptures were permanently destroyed, while others were partially damaged. She told Fox News that the damaged artworks could take the artists about 20 to 30 hours to make, and many artists have careers in Asia that span over 20 years, Fox News reported. 

A Hong Kong-based artist told Eyewitness News that no action was taken. The woman was identified only as a student, who was "horrified," and it clearly turned out to be an accident. 

He also revealed that some crowns were gold-plated, some were nylon and some were made of mixed materials. Most of the damaged art pieces were fixed with glue, but some could not be fixed. 

The 14th Factory Exhibition is a non-profit temporary art project that will be in Los Angeles until July 30.