YOU CANT DRINK IT: Savanna the zebra tries her luck, but its off limits at this bushveld tavern.

Their romance has blossomed around the bar and they are now officially a couple.

That’s two zebras from Mtunzini in KwaZulu-Natal, Savanna, five, and her toy boy Jabula, four.

But it was not love at first sight for the zebras, who are popular residents at the Travellers Bush Tavern and familiar faces at the tavern’s pub.

Owner Claude Lango said Savanna arrived at their backpackers’ lodge a few years ago, after she wandered out of a nearby reserve.

“She was on her own for about a year and then Jabula also pitched up one day. They did not like each other at first, but became friends in a matter of weeks.”

It seems they have recently become a couple, and, “it looks promising for some babies”, said Lango.

He said that it had taken a lot of work to get close to the zebras.

“They are very skittish animals. We gave them bread and apples and eventually they began to come closer.

“Then they started coming up to the fire outside the bar every night and now they are very tame and will stand around the bar with our patrons.”

“At the end of the evening, they leave the pub, warm up by the fire and then wander off to my place,” said Lango. - Saturday Star