131209 An elderly Adolf Hitler, left, as he might have looked had he survived, and a wax figure of him at the Madame Tussauds Berlin Wax Museum.

London - A former chief aide to Adolf Hitler urged British intelligence to topple the dictator when he was at the height of his power or peace would be impossible, research has revealed.

Fritz Wiedemann described Hitler as a “madman” who planned to attack the UK.

Wiedemann was Hitler’s adjutant but was “exiled” to San Francisco as consul general in 1939 after growing critical of the Nazi lust for world domination.

Dr Thomas Weber, a professor at the University of Aberdeen, says records show that in 1940 Wiedemann told British intelligence’s US head Sir William Wiseman that Britain should “strike as hard as possible” against Hitler.

He offered to publicly denounce the Nazi regime, but the White House was not then at war with Germany and had no interest in the offer. - Daily Mail