The arrested man's sister says residents are all 'liars'. Picture: Leon Knipe

Cape Town - The family of a Parkwood man who is accused of the murder of Ezra Daniels, seven, say they are living in fear after his arrest.

Ezra was killed in a gang drive-by shooting on Sunday which resulted in a riot in Parkwood as angry residents stoned police and an alleged gang leader’s house.

Residents also marched through the streets and searched for the man who they suspect is the leader of the Junky Funkys and claimed he was the shooter.

According to witnesses, the boy was playing in the road with his friends when a white Volkswagen Golf drove by and opened fire on a man walking nearby shortly after 5pm.

The arrested man’s sister, however, claims residents living in Abdullah Moosa Walk are “liars”.

The woman, who asked not to be named, says the street is being “managed” by members of the Americans gang as it is their territory.

Ezra Daniels, 7, was shot and killed in Parkwood. Picture: Supplied

She says since her brother’s arrest, the family has come under attack and on Monday their 21-year-old sister was hit in the face with a brick by another girl. No case was opened.

“Die dinge kom lank aan. (These issues have been happening for a long time.) We know my brother is a gangster, but he is not a gang boss,” says the woman.

“Daai mense wiet hulle bly in American territory en hulle is gewoond sy naam swak maak. (Those people know they are living in American territory and they are used to making him look bad.) We are not saying he is innocent en hy moet staan vir sy dinge (he must be held responsible), but people must tell the truth."

“My sister was hit in the face with a brick because of the shooting. We didn’t make a case, the girl’s ouma (grandmother) came to say sorry.”

The woman admits her brother was in the white VW Golf, and went with the driver to Abdullah Moosa Walk.

She says the driver’s son was playing with Ezra and claims the Americans opened fire first on the Junky Funkys.

Family of a 'gang boss' are being 'taunted' by residents. Picture: Leon Knipe

“I don’t know if they shot back, but then that child was mos hit. The police came to arrest them, but didn’t even find a gun,” she explains.

“Ons wil net weet hoekom was die Americans nie opgetel nie. (We just want to know why the Americans were not caught.) One of them mos also fired.”

Police confirmed on Monday that three men and a woman were arrested for Ezra’s murder.

On Tuesday police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, said a fifth person was also arrested.

The five have been charged with murder and will appear in the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday morning.

The sister says while the family will attend the court appearance, they do not condone the shooting and are not involved in gang activities.

“Ons voel vir daai familie wat ’* kind verloor het maar ons is nie gangsters nie. (We feel for that family who lost their child but we are not gangsters.) All we want is for people to come out and tell the truth of what happened. They mustn’t protect the Americans because they were also shooting en hulle het eerste geskiet (they shot first)."

“Ons sympathise met die family. As hy guilty is dan moet hy staan, but justice must be done. Ons is onder baie stress. (We sympathise with the family. If he is guilty, he must be held responsible, but justice must be done. We are under a lot of stress.) ”