Durban - A 9-year-old Phoenix girl has been lauded for her bravery after saving a toddler and herself from the grasp of armed robbers by executing a daring escape plan.

Seconds after realising a house robbery was in progress at her dad’s friend’s house, where she had been playing outside with his son, Afton Pillay placed wooden pallets near a 1.5m high wall, pushed the 2-year-old boy over and followed him over into the neighbours’ yard.

HOUSE ROBBERY IN NEW PARK Rd . Shastri Park.ANYBODY WITH INFORMATION ON THIS WHITE POLO TO CONTACT PHX SAPS OR KZN VIP ASAP!!!5 African males all armed came in white polo with dark tinted windows a black roof, possibly a tsi or comfort line polo. Owners were assaulted and a 1month old baby was thrown to the ground by the Suspects as they demanded for valuables.KZN VIP was alerted by a neighbour but upon arrival suspects fled, KZN VIP MEDICAL N RESCUE were called to assist and treated the baby, the other children who were in shock were also treated and rushed to hospital by KZN VIP MEDICS.KZN VIP together with SAPS are on scene. Please Share.