28.05.2012.Danielle Gaysma who was found in a fridge in Eersterust after his step father had allegedly killed her Picture: Sizwe Ndingane


AN EERSTERUS man allegedly behind the death of his girlfriend’s nine-year-old daughter is said to have made certain confessions about the killing.

This was revealed during the first court appearance of Gerald Martin Kibidoe, 47, in the Correctional Services Court yesterday.

State prosecutor Nkosinathi Katshelo told the court, without revealing details, that Kibidoe had made a written confession.

Kibidoe faces a charge of murder. It is alleged that he is responsible for the death of Danielle Gaysman.

Danielle’s body was found in her mother’s fridge on Sunday.

She had been reported missing on Saturday afternoon.

Pamphlets on Danielle were distributed in Eersterus shortly after she disappeared from the front garden of her mother’s Begonia Street home.

She was formally reported missing at about 3pm on Saturday.

Kibidoe was arrested late on Saturday afternoon after allegedly having helped the police search for Danielle the entire afternoon.

He told the court that he wanted to apply for Legal Aid.

The prosecutor asked the court to grant an order for Kibidoe to be detained at the Mamelodi West police station as he had yet to do a “pointing out”.

Kibidoe indicated to the Legal Aid lawyer – who had not formally been placed on record – that he refused to do any pointing out.

Magistrate Chris Chokoe advised the State to negotiate with Kibidoe’s lawyer about this.

“I suggest you resolve the matter through negotiations,” the magistrate said.

“If need be, make a formal application to the court.

“It is (Kibidoe’s) constitutional right to refuse to do the pointing out. The application by the State is then formally ruled down pending the outcome of the negotiations.”

Kibidoe is to be detained at Pretoria Central Prison until his next appearance.

The case was postponed to June 4 for profiling and further investigation.

While Kibidoe was making his brief appearance in court, relatives of the girl were grappling their loss and questions about what could have driven someone to commit such a hideous crime.

Meanwhile a relative who asked not to be named said it seemed there had been an argument.

According to the relative, Kibidoe had been like a concerned parent throughout the search for the child.

“He was comforting my cousin and telling her that Danielle would come back home to her,” the man said.

“When everybody went out to search, he remained behind and said he was waiting for (Danielle) to return home.”

It is said Kibidoe did not act suspiciously. He spent the night with Danielle’s mother and two other siblings, giving them words of encouragement. But the following day, someone asked for water with ice.

“The day before, (Kibidoe) had not allowed anyone entry into the house,” the relative said.

“He would get everything that we asked for.

“A police officer asked for water with ice. When my aunt said the person should open the freezer for the ice, (Kibidoe) stood up and went to the door.

“When my cousin started screaming after discovering the body in the deep freezer, Kibidoe bolted. We gave chase.”

The enraged community was baying for his blood but did not catch Kibidoe. He was eventually arrested by the police.

It is alleged that police have not informed the family or community where Kibidoe is being held.

The relative said the family did not even know he was appearing in court yesterday.

“We wanted to be in court so that he can look us in the eyes and explain what he did.

‘We always thought he was a good father because when we were here he would make food for the children and when it got late, he would call them to come take a bath. We just don’t understand why it has happened.”