Pathmanathan “Nathan” Ganas Picture: Supplied
Durban – Shallcross resident Pathmanathan “Nathan” Ganas, shot dead by hijackers after he leapt to protect his wife, was a hero, says his devastated brother.

Ganas, 41, an electrician, was shot during an attempted robbery in his driveway last Thursday night.

He had rushed to the aid of his wife Denise, who was accosted outside their home by a group of men wearing balaclavas.

“The robbers saw my brother’s company vehicle in the yard and assumed it belonged to him,” said his brother, Dhayalan.

“They approached Denise and threatened her for the keys. My brother heard the commotion and came outside with his firearm. The men immediately opened fire on him and a shoot-out ensued.”

He said Ganas was shot multiple times in the abdomen and his 10-year-old daughter Carmen, who was asleep in her bedroom, was grazed by a bullet.

“The men fled the scene leaving with nothing. Friends and neighbours rushed my brother to the hospital where he died.”

Describing his brother as a hero, Dhayalan said he wanted justice.

“Shallcross is not what it used to be. Residents are getting attacked almost every day,” he said. “Something needs to be done. My brother was a hard worker and a humble person and he was robbed of his life.”

Dhayalan said the family was rallying together to support Denise, Carmen and his nephew Jayden.

“We are appealing to anyone who has information that could lead to an arrest to inform police and assist with their investigations.”

Hearing of Ganas’s death, residents took to Facebook to express their anger.

Sarika Govender Budhoo: “It was like a war zone. There are bullet shells in our yard. RIP Nadhan. You will be missed.

Rehana Kadir: “This is sad. RIP to this poor guy that lost his life. I hope these idiots suffer a slow and painful death.”

Residents are calling for a stronger police presence.

A mother of two said crime was on the rise in Shallcross.

“Two weeks ago, a man was shot but luckily he survived. In the same week, another elderly man was stabbed to death. We cannot allow this to go on, we need police intervention.”

Another resident described Shallcross as a once sought-after area which is turning into a war zone.

“We cannot even step outside; we are afraid. Almost every day we hear of homes being robbed. Nathan was a wonderful man and he did not deserve to die.”

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Thulani Zwane said a case of murder was being investigated.