The two officers with the mother and baby.
The two officers with the mother and baby.

Law enforcement officers deliver baby on Cape Town station deck

By Robin-Lee Francke Time of article published Sep 9, 2020

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Cape Town - Two Cape Town Law Enforcement officers have been praised for a job well done when they delivered a baby on Wednesday.

A woman on her way to hospital from Dunoon arrived at the Cape Town train station deck in the central business district (CBD).

Officers stationed within the CBD were patrolling, when the young woman went into labour.

In a social media post by one of the officers on Facebook, he said while Law Enforcement always gets judged on what they do and steps they take to uphold the law, he was always told that the uniform shouldn't define a person, but he said how could it not if he plays different roles each day.

He said sometimes while in uniform you will be a psychologist, a fireman, a mechanic, the bearer of bad news, but on Wednesday he assisted a mother and he and his colleague were doctors.

The mother went into labour at about 9am and delivered a healthy baby at 9.15am.

Speaking to African News Agency, Wayne Dyason, spokesperson for the City’s Law Enforcement, confirmed the incident.

Dyason said the incident occurred at 9am on the train station deck in Cape Town and the mother, who lives in Dunoon, just outside Cape Town, was on her way to Somerset Hospital as it was her due date.

He said that, after the delivery, the mother and her newborn baby were transported to Somerset Hospital by ambulance and were doing well.

Dyason said he was proud of the officers who were able to assist and wished the mother and her new baby well for the future.


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