Picture: @EFFSouthAfrica

Sasolburg - The African National Congress should stop using the apartheid legacy for not delivering services to the people, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said on Sunday.

Speaking at an EFF August 3 municipal elections rally at the Zamdela Stadium in Sasolburg in the Free State, Malema lambasted the ANC leadership, saying the party was still using the apartheid legacy to cover incompetency and did not “care about black people”.

“There is no white man who brought poor service delivery to the people; it’s the ANC and they keep blaming the apartheid legacy even after 22 years of being in leadership,” he said.

President Jacob Zuma had “no leadership skills” and could not even solve the problems facing communities.

“Zuma is not a leader, but he’s a role model of corruption. If we get rid of him we have won the battle,” Malema told the cheering crowd.

He blamed the ANC for not bringing quality services to black people and said priority was given to white people, as they got better services.

“White people don’t compromise their standard of living and they have access to everything, but the ANC keeps violating the rights of black people by depriving them of access to electricity, water, and sanitation.

“Even the RDP houses don’t have proper planing… You deserve better than what the corrupt ANC government is offering,” Malema said.

The EFF promised to build clinics which would operate 24 hours a day and open government-run creches in each municipal ward, he said.

Zamdela is known for service delivery problems, and residents have often taken to the streets in violent protests, accusing the local municipality of being corrupt, which was hindering effective service delivery.

Malema said that if their voices could not be heard during the violent protests they would never be heard again if they continued voting for the ANC.

The August 3 elections will be the first time the EFF – formed in 2013 – contests the local government elections countrywide.