Misholine suspect ‘part of satanic cult’

Ten-year-old Misholine Jantjies was strangled and stabbed to death. Picture: Bertram Malgas/Daily Voice

Ten-year-old Misholine Jantjies was strangled and stabbed to death. Picture: Bertram Malgas/Daily Voice

Published Feb 5, 2016


Cape Town - The young man who allegedly strangled and stabbed a 10-year-old girl to death said he knows nothing about the murder.

It has now emerged that suspect Montell Campher, 20, could possibly belong to a satanic cult known as “Demonic”, where members believe “you have to find blood when you hear voices”.

In a shocking revelation, the court heard that Campher allegedly licked the bloody knife after he stabbed Misholine Jantjies to death in December last year.

Campher appeared in the Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court for a formal bail application.

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A charge of attempted murder was also added to Campher’s rap sheet for an incident in September 2015, when he allegedly stabbed Misholine’s cousin 13 times.

Campher is said to have followed Misholine and her friends to a park in Drury Road, Capricorn, where he choked her and stabbed her in the neck in front of her friends.

He then allegedly threatened to kill Misholine’s 11-year-old friend.

But Campher said he is innocent, pleading a case of mistaken identity.

He admits to using tik but told the court it does not make him aggressive.

“I don’t know about the case I’m standing for,” he mumbled in Afrikaans.

“I know nothing about the child. I have no knowledge about the case.”

He also told the court he couldn’t stand trial because he does not feel “comfortable”.

“I don’t feel comfortable because of the stories I heard,” he said.

“It’s like I feel something come up inside of me.

“[In prison] they force me to talk about this and if I don’t want to speak they [prisoners] assault me.”

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The court also heard that Campher’s mother, Janet Campher, 52, told police she is afraid of her son and has a protection order against him.

But she denied this when she took the stand.

“How can I be afraid of my own son?” she asked.

“I assumed he believed in the Illuminati and I told him not to do that stuff.”

Warrant Officer Ederich Ganz from the Muizenberg detective branch, said Campher was arrested at his cousin’s house the day after the murder, with the weapon still in his possession.

Ganz said: “He was startled by us and jumped up and the knife fell... to the floor.”

Ganz said Campher admitted to the murder and said he wanted to make a confession, but later changed his mind.

The magistrate will announce a decision on bail on February 11.

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