29 february 2016 Boy 16 shot dead Bluegum and Vanguard Driver

Cape Town - A woman motorist shot dead a 16-year-old smash-and-grab suspect on Jakes Gerwel Drive on Monday.

 Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the incident, which took place at around 3pm on the corners of Jakes Gerwel Drive and Bluegum Road in Bonteheuwel.

Van Wyk said the investigation was ongoing and cases of murder and robbery had been opened.

Metro police deputy chief Yolanda Faro said the motorist had been shocked and traumatised by the incident and had immediately driven herself to the police station.

Faro said: “She is in shock and is currently receiving trauma counselling.”

The incident was also reported on the Official Bonteheuwel Group’s Facebook page where the woman received messages of support and consolation.

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Mushfeeqah Abrahams wrote: “I was in the taxi that escorted the lady into Bonteheuwel, to the police station. Just hope the lady is doing OK.”

Shareefah Lee said: “I hope nothing comes of this – meaning, that she doesn’t get convicted for protecting herself, but nowadays the law sees self defence as murder… As for the guy who got shot, my deepest sympathy to his family.”

Barbara Schouw wrote: “My heart goes out to this woman, it happened to me once but I somehow managed to fight off this thug. I would most probably have done the same. The police sit there all day and do nothing, earning money for jam.”


According to Faro, Jakes Gerwel Drive is a notorious smash-and-grab hotspot. In December, the City’s law enforcement initiated a pamphlet drive cautioning people about smash-and-grab-incidents.


At least 190 smash-and-grab incidents were reported on Jakes Gerwel Drive last year.

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