Cape Town-01-06-2012 Cynthia Daweti walk past a place where her son Msekeli Sigonyela raped her for the second time in one night in Villiersdorp.pic Phando Jikelo reporter Mpumi Kiva

A Western Cape mother says she wishes her own son was dead after he allegedly raped her in a drunken rage.

The 42-year-old mom was sleeping with her husband i their Villiersdorp home on Saturday night when her 19-year-old son kicked their bedroom door open.

The terrified couple say the young man viciously stabbed his father before dragging his mother out of bed to the bushes.

There she claims her own flesh and blood raped her repeatedly.

“I wish he could just die without me knowing,” the woman told the Daily Voice.

Speaking about her three-hour ordeal, the unemployed mom said the trouble started when their son came home drunk.

“We were sleeping when he pushed down the bedroom door,” she said.

“He was armed with a table fork – he started accusing us of gossiping about him.”

He then got a knife from the kitchen and attacked his dad, stabbing him in the arm.

The bleeding man fled the house to get help from neighbours but this left his wife vulnerable.

“He told me to dress and he dragged me out of the room to the bushes,” she recalled.

“There he raped me at knifepoint. He was attacking me with fists, kicking and threatening to kill me. I managed to run away when he heard people searching for him in the bushes.

“I hate to think that I have now been raped by my own son. I wish he could just die without me knowing” she said.

Shortly after the attack, the young man was arrested.

Villiersdorp’s police spokesman Warrant Officer De Lange says that the 19-year-old is behind bars and is facing a charge of assault and rape.

The incident has shocked the close-knit farm community and many have vowed to stone him to death if he is released on bail.

“This is shocking,” said resident Nomvula Mbuda, 43. “He is a monster. He should be killed at once and left for the vultures to feed on his body,” she said.

“Everyone is angry about this incident and wants to know why he treated his parents like his prisoners?

“He doesn’t deserve to come back to this community. We are just happy that no life was lost when he nearly killed his father.”

Nomvula said the young man’s actions have already damaged his family and they will now have to live with this memory.

“They really need the courts to deal with this matter seriously,” she said.

The teen’s 55-year-old father said he would never forgive his son for what he did.

“He has been threatening us many times when drunk,” he says. “I don’t want anything to do with him. He is an evil monster without a heart.

“He must never get near me, my son or wife again. I don’t care what happens to him. He is like a dead boy walking.”

* This article was published in the Daily Voice