The writer says it has become the norm for women to be verbally and physically accosted while going about their business. Picture: Pexels
Cape Town - I wish I were a man every time I walk in the street and/or take public transport.

Then I could take public transport without worrying about whether or not I will be assaulted.

I could walk without hearing 'Smile! Why are you so angry?' (answer: I don't smile at anyone and my resting bitch face struggle is real) and being greeted with 'Hey lovey' followed by that disgusting whistle.

I do not need to worry about being grabbed in places I do not want to be grabbed in.

Every woman has experienced something like this at least once.

It is not fun. It is unwanted.

More importantly, it should not be regarded as the norm.

It's not as if men are on the receiving end of cat calls and unwanted sexual advances.

We are human beings, not dogs nor a piece of meat. Go whistle like at your neighbour's puppy.

We deserve respect and we do NOT need to greet/smile/talk to you. Shocking right?

We are much more than that.

We are mothers, sisters, cousins, friends, wives and girlfriends.

Would you tolerate such behaviour towards your mother or your sister?

We are breadwinners and housewives.

We kick butt at everything we do, and our strong personalities are a force to be reckoned with.

Regardless of what we do or what we wear, no human being should feel as if catcalling and getting grabbed is something to 'get used to'.