Ahed Tamimi, a prominent Palestinian activist. Tamimi has been a media figure since her childhood while defying occupation soldiers. Picture: Supplied
Ahed Tamimi, a prominent Palestinian activist. Tamimi has been a media figure since her childhood while defying occupation soldiers. Picture: Supplied

Resistance is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people

By Opinion Time of article published Jun 16, 2021

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Ahed Tamimi (Palestinian youth activist)

Victory is to expect everything and not to make your enemy expect anything.

The events of the last round of our continuous struggle with this ongoing colonial regime since the Nakba, and this popular struggle and the national clash was extraordinary and not expected. It proved that the live-action in the fields of confrontation and engagement is the true and sincere expression of all noble ideas, and it reflects the true meaning of resistance action.

Resistance, struggle and revolution are a continuous and integrated act, and they are the basic precondition for defining occupation and colonialism, as it is the antithesis of all human meanings and an enemy to mankind and human values. Therefore, there should be a revolution to consolidate this meaning of the occupation to remain as an “antitheses” and not to become “the other”.

I am from a generation that they said "would forget," but this generation confronts all forms of occupation on our land, extending from the river to the sea, to Jerusalem, Ramallah, Gaza, Lod, Acre, and Jenin.

The diaspora has proven that it has not forgotten and will not give up. They will preserve the commandments of the martyrs and will continue to attack through the revolution and resistance by mobilizing the people to own the initiative and to achieve the national goal of ending this nightmare represented by the colonial project.

We, as the younger generation throughout the Arab world, must learn from the experiences of previous generations who trusted the international community to enforce international law, and found the international organizations gave the illusion of compromise.

They signed a set of political agreements and gave up 78% of the lands of historic Palestine after the revolution, struggle, and sacrifices of the martyrs. But the alleged peace was not achieved because the balance of power is imbalanced in favour of the occupiers.

This world which the previous generations trusted is biased towards Israel, and my generation has inherited the occupation suffering, oppression, murder, destruction and tragedy.

But we insist on inheriting the revolution and the struggle against the colonial project on our land, and we are armed with awareness, experience, and will, and we will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

If sacrifices were for the preservation of our homeland which the world denied us, our sacrifices will be for comprehensive national salvation and dismantling of the colonial project on our entire national land to build the state of Palestine from the river to the sea.

Palestine will be a state of justice, peace and equality for all its citizens without discrimination based on race, colour or religion. It will bring the message of peace to the whole world, and Palestinians will spread justice and peace in the world.

This generation believes in the necessity of resistance and struggle and the inevitability of victory. It believes that the resistance was and is still the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

This generation also fully believes that freedom will not come except through a generation of free thought and behaviour that does not care for laws and circumstances imposed by an occupier, despite the suffering and pain experienced by this generation.

The most recent of these sufferings were reflected in the displacement, killing, arrest and humiliation as Gaza was bombarded, homes were destroyed without notice, crimes were committed against women, children and the elderly.

There was the extensive destruction of schools, universities and health centres. Twelve families were obliterated from the Palestinian civil registry, and towers containing local and international press offices were bombarded to prevent the truth from reaching the world.

We must not forget the attempted ethnic cleansing that the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in Jerusalem was exposed to, as well as all Palestinian cities. There is the ongoing settlement expansion, checkpoints, arrests and racial discrimination against the Palestinians.

Despite all the aforesaid, this generation insists that its consciousness and reason cannot be divided in facing an apartheid wall. It is fully aware that the cause is indivisible and that our compass is to defeat the occupier and liberate our land. Our struggle is not only to remove a settlement or a wall.

This generation also insists on defining itself as the fighting and struggling generation for the freedom of its people, land and cause and does not accept to define itself as the victim only. We do not ask for anyone’s pity or tears. We insist that the world must see us as freedom fighters.

We need partners and fighters with us for our cause, not those who sell us pity or send us supply cards. This generation is the one that will liberate its land. This round taught us that a total and comprehensive victory is possible and attainable.

Hope has returned and there is greater certainty that this land will get rid of colonialism. We have to be ready for upcoming battles, and we have to overcome divisions by building unity through consensus on a national liberation struggle program in which we share roles, not interests, and distribute tasks, not privileges.

The national revolution has proven that the entire Arab popular mood is united behind the resistance struggle, and our first task should be rebuilding the PLO to lead the liberation project after correcting all its defects.

This generation must be involved in the decision-making on the size of its presence in clashes in the field. I suggest to all our people across the country to continue organizing to unite our unions, associations, municipal and village councils, and all our institutions in Gaza, the West Bank and resistance of 1948 areas, as well as across the entire world. Everyone should play his/her role to impose unity on our leadership and our factions because it is the precondition of victory.

As the martyr, Basil al-Araj said “resistance is a continuous profit and we must continue the attack by resistance and revolution until victory."

* Ahed Tamimi, a prominent Palestinian activist. Tamimi has been a media figure since her childhood while defying occupation soldiers. She was imprisoned for eight months at the age of 16 for slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier in the West Bank who had entered her property illegally minutes after her younger cousin had been shot in the face by an Israeli soldier.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of IOL.

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